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Instant quote information:


Accordion Shutters (see pictures below) are $ 18 a square foot.


So if you have a window that measures 3 feet by 4 feet, that is 3 x 4 = 12 square feet.  At $ 18 per square foot, that it 12 x $ 18 = $ 216


We use High Velocity Shutters that provide the highest protection against hurricanes.  We also offer installed Safety Glass Impact Windows at $ 22 a square foot.


Roll up Shutters:


Mechanical type are $ 34 a square foot.

Automatic electrical with remote control are $ 44 a square foot.


Screened pool enclosures are $ 8 per square foot for the roof of the enclosure, and $ 7 for the walls.


External paint for homes and buildings is $ .75 per square foot.


Fences are available in Aluminum ($ 23 per linear foot), Wood ($ 19 per linear foot), and Acrylic ($ 28 per linear foot).  That is for a 6 foot high fence.


Driveways are $ 7 per square foot for concrete, $ 8 for brick.







Enhance the enjoyment of FloridaŐs fabulous weather with a screened patio! Our enclosures provide the best setting for outdoor activities, whether it is a pool party, BBQ, or a friendly get together.


At Urbano Enterprises Inc. we understand that your home is a sanctuary!  And to ensure that whatŐs inside your home is protected, you need to make sure whatŐs outside is doing its job.


Founded in 1992, we are dedicated to satisfy the demands of both homeowners and the construction industry. We provide all types of exterior home improvements with the best labor quality and professionalism. Our final goal is to build long term relationships with our customers.


Our customer service strategy:


NO DOWN PAYMENT OR DEPOSIT required for any job no matter the size


We hold a specification meeting with each customer, provide accurate proposals and estimates and assure that our solution fully express the customerŐs ideas


Thanks to such efforts we can proudly state that 70% of our sales are derived from satisfied customer referrals!


Our quality control program


Technicians, project managers, sales personnel and management continuously attend seminars to remain updated with industry standards, product knowledge and new technology.


All designs and services meet Florida and City Building Code requirements.



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Email: mgauss@netrox.net


800-222-3003  305-933-2026   954-455-3131


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